China’s National Image in the Philippine Star’s Reports on the Belt and Road Initiative: A Discourse Analysis Based on Attitudinal Resources
Yuqin Kang

Based on attitudinal resources, this paper conducts a positive discourse analysis of news reports in the Philippine Star on the BRI and explores both the Philippines’ attitude toward China’s BRI and the shaping of China’s national image by the Philippine Star. The study shows that the Philippine Star mainly uses the attitudinal resources of appreciation and judgment, with mainly positive attitudes, to portray China as a responsible world power committed to peaceful cooperation, coordinated development, and mutual benefit. In general, the Philippines supports and approves the BRI and is full of hope and expectation for related cooperation, but at the same time, it raises doubts about the goals of China’s BRI and is concerned about China’s excessive power. The current study intends to present China’s national image shaped by the Philippines through exploring the attitudinal resources used in the news reports about the BRI in the Philippine Star, to offer some personal suggestions for the improvement and dissemination of a positive Chinese national image in the Philippines, and to provide references for further development and implementation of the BRI in the Philippines.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v11n1a1