Language and Gender in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study
Abdul Awal

The article described the ways in which the Bengali language has been used by a male-dominated society in Bangladesh to oppress and victimize women. This study aimed to develop a deeper understanding of language and gender in Bangladesh. It was also to raise awareness of human rights related to language. A sociolinguistic study of the Bengali language scenario in a Bangladeshi context was presented in the article. This study explained the correlation between women's empowerment and language awareness. This study examined how women are humiliated in a male-dominated Bengali society from a sociolinguistic perspective. This article also discussed how the Bengali language is susceptible to gender insensitivity. In Bangladesh, policymakers and planners of linguistic policies and planning, as well as academicians, may desire to devote additional attention to improving gender-sensitive language in educational and professional settings. According to this study, Bangladeshi is still a gender-sensitive language in terms of Bengali usage.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v11n1a2