The Role of Experience to Bring Association between Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and Teaching Performance
Bahador Sadeghi, Masoume Soutoude Zanjani

The purpose of this paper is to shed light with the respect of experience on which teachers’ professional knowledge become connected to their teaching performance and illustrate which domains of knowledge are consistent with teaching process during their occupational years. In seeking an answer to research questions, we first consider what is different about teachers’ knowledge from teachers’ beliefs. We then consider specific domains of knowledge including English for specific purposes, assessment, lesson planning, sociolinguistics, and language environment regarding to language teaching. To assess the relationship in these domains, twenty experienced and less-experienced EFL teachers participated in the study. Each teacher’s knowledge was examined and performance was observed and inter-correlations of obtained data were calculated. Finally, the results show that, on the whole, experienced teachers produced significantly association between knowledge and performance compared tothe novice teachers.

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