Duplication in Cameroon English: Pleonasm or Heightening the Degree of Idea Expressed?
Napoleon Epoge

The phraseology of New Englishes is always characterized by linguistic features which make it peculiar and distinctive either in form, structure or meaning. One of these features is duplication. Studies have indicated that the usage of duplication among English speakers is more widespread than assumed to be and needs in depth study. This paper, therefore, examines the semantic features in Cameroon English whereby some aspect of meaning is duplicated in ESL learners’ grammar in terms of functions. Findings reveal that respondents come up with unnecessary duplications (pleonasm) - redundant features which contribute no extra meaning - as well as duplications which heighten the effect or degree of the idea or language point expressed. The paper argues that, though duplication features are redundant and do not change the fundamental proposition of a language point or idea, the doubling in Cameroon English is linked to emotive language use such as iconic of intensity and provide useful means for expressing emphasis.

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