Folk Sayings and Their Impact on Education and Socialization
Dr. Sanaa Ref'at Al-Refa'l, Dr.Eklas Mohammed Al-Edl Introduction Folklore is a valuable-treasure passes from generation to generation, which within the past can be found in thinking, experiencing, living capability, and withstand the ravages of time. However, folklore is a great educational value when we use it for taking lessons in education, which is the finest of the human being. Folk-sayings is a part of the legacy that reflects the nation's conscience and its life past and present, which carrying us to the times of grandparents up to safety. We have devoted this paper to folk sayings and its impact on Arab culture, which are on everybody's lips in different occasions without being aware that such sayings have a negative impact in our daily life, spoken in events may vary in place and time, and may make it suitable on our current affairs despite of the change in cultural and social structure of our Arab societies. We tried hard to study the negatives and positives influence of folk sayings in education and socialization through several titles. At first, we discussed the saying definition linguistically and idiomatically, and then we discuss, by brief introduction, the negative and positive impact of folk sayings. Finally, in details, we have reviewed some of folk sayings which may impact our culture negatively and positively, and in the end, we concluded by saying that although there are some negative folk sayings which should be notable, not dealt with in vain, however, there is a large stock of it reflecting a positive culture that should be assimilated.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v3n1a9