Discussion on Individual Differences of Adult Learners and Its implications for Adult TCSL
Cai, Qiao Yu

The phenomena of individual differences in adulthood are visual. The issues focused on differences among gender, race, children, youth, and etc. in the past studies. Not only the above mentioned, but also age, background, roles, and experiences which affect adult learners of Chinese. Understanding individual differences in adulthood is useful for teachers to teach adult learners of Chinese better. Therefore, individual differences of adult learners and its implications for teaching adult Chinese as a second language are discussed is the purpose in the paper, and some implications for CSL teachers are that they should be aware of individual differences existing in adulthood; they should know multi motivations to learn Chinese existing in adulthood; they should create Chinese methodologies on the basis of individual differences of adult learners, and so on.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v4n1a5