Interactive Relationship Built in the Way of Public Art in Place-making
Yang Wen, Hesheng Chen

Public art on the basis of public space is a way to practice art directed by ideas such as equality, freedom and sharing etc. Its interactive relationship is public interactive behaviors which use forms of art, such as landscape, devices and sculptures etc. as carriers and are created by interactive participation. Behaviors are necessary factors making up of places, while interactive behaviors are important components and resources of place spirit. Public art with unique attraction and method in terms of public interactive relationship can provide distinct ways and measures for place-making. And vivid reappearance of culture, narrativity of place spirit and attraction of social activities are the concentrated expressions. Place-making involved by ideas of public art is finished with combination of interactive forms of space, medium of art, artistic vision, artistic experience and culture of place.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v4n2a3