Construction of Meanings in Internet: Rethinking Chinese Internet Fictions, TV Series, and Cultural Landscape via the Case of the List of Langya (Langya Bang, 瑯琊榜)
PENG Cheng

There is no scholarly article written in English has ever tried to look into the cultural influence of the phenomenal TV series, The List of Langya (Or “Nirvana in Fire”, Langya Bang 瑯琊榜), and its fiction since it was launched in 2015. That is despite this series being commented as “a new benchmark of Chinese historical TV drama” by Peking University2 and inspiring approximately 32 Chinese scholarly articles3 . This paper aims at depositing The List of Langya within Chinese digital and cultural landscape via Structuralism, so as to shed some light on the literary advantages behind this cultural spectacle aroused by the fiction and the TV series and therefore to introduce this fiction and its adaptation to more English-speaking scholars.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v6n2a1