The Role of Hindu Women in Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage in Mauritius
Mrs Rashila Vigneshwari Ramchurn

This paper elucidates the depth of Hindu women‟s contribution in preserving intangible cultural heritage in Mauritius. Intangible cultural heritage means the practices, expressions, knowledge, skills, instruments, objects, arte facts and cultural spaces which are recognised by communities, groups and individuals. Globalisation has changed lifestyle and causing threat to intangible cultural heritage. This is an ethnographical research where participants observation, interviewing by engaging in daily life of people and recording life histories methods have been done within a period of one year. Thirty people above sixty years were interviewed both males and females. The interviews were done in creole and then transcribed to English. Oral narratives are still at its infancy in Mauritius and it is worthy to research as there is no academic research done on this topic. Three visits were paid to each participant to get acquainted with them and get their trust. Their ways of living were observed. Secondary data such as newspapers and books have been used. A diary was kept to know moods, special emotions and local expression of language of the respondents. This paper will lay emphasis on women as tradition bearers. It is both a qualitative research

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v6n2a3