Study on the Influence of Technology-Assisted Role-Playing Activities and Traditional Theatrical Performances on Foreign Language Learning
Hsin-Yi Huang

This study investigated the influence of technology-assisted role-playing activities on foreign language learning. Its objectives were as follows: 1. To elucidate the opinions of foreign language learners regarding role-playing activities; 2. To explore learners‟ experiences of engaging in technology-assisted role-playing activities; and 3. To investigate the influence of technology-assisted and traditional role-playing activities on learners‟ learning methods. The participants of this qualitative study consisted of non-language major university students in Taiwan. Data was collected through focus group interviews, individual interviews, and non-participant observations and subsequently subjected to a content analysis. The results revealed that (1) The high and low achievers exhibited different responses to the role-playing activities; (2) Low achievers tended to choose technology-assisted methods to present their theatrical performances; (3) The attractiveness of new technologies prompted the learning motivations of some learners; (4)Some learners chose to do on-stage theatrical performances in order to enhance their own capabilities and obtain a sense of achievement; and (5) Some learners perceived that technology-assisted theatrical performances could help them overcome the psychological hurdle of stage fright. The results are discussed and instructional strategies for learners and instructors alike are proposed, as are recommendations for future research.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jflcc.v8n1a4